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  • Refrigerator Maintenance, Service, and Repairs

    Published January 07, 2013 Refrigerator Repair and Maintenance

    Quick Fixes to Prolong the Life of Your Refrigerator

    Refrigerators are probably the most heavily used of all appliances—they are always on! A little time invested in regular maintenance of your fridge and freezer will pay off in the long run, saving you time and money in costly repairs or replacements. Refrigerators are relatively simple appliances, and lend themselves easily to basic...

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  • Washer/Dryer Maintenance, Service, and Repair

    Published January 03, 2013 Washer and Dryer  Maintenance, Service, and Repair

    Prevent fires with routine washer and dryer maintenance

    According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average washing machine has a life expectancy of 10 years and a dryer’s life expectancy averages 13 years. The typical American family washes about 300 loads of laundry per year, so it is clear that we depend heavily on our washers and dryers. With all this use, some...

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  • Money-Saving A/C Rebates through FPL Participating Contractors

    Published December 21, 2012 FPL Independent Participating Contractor

    FPL Participating Independent Contractors can help you save money!

    You may have been told that the benefits of a new, high-efficiency air conditioning system are well worth the higher purchase price when long-term savings are considered. Florida Power & Light Company is offering substantial savings on the up-front costs of A/C purchase and installation in the form of rebates when...

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  • Rebates on Natural Gas Appliances

    Published December 17, 2012 Natural Gas Appliances Rabates

    Replace or Upgrade to Natural Gas Appliances and Get Cash Back!

    Natural gas offers many benefits: It is reliable, safe, environmentally friendly, and efficient. In addition, Teco Peoples Gas customers can save money when they switch to natural gas appliances or upgrade their existing natural gas appliances to new energy efficient natural gas water heaters, ranges, clothes dryers, and...

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  • Save Money When You Install a New Thermostat

    Published December 13, 2012 Air Conditioner Programmable Thermostat

    Installing a new, programmable thermostat can lower your energy bill!

    There was a time when a simple manual thermostat was all anyone needed to control the climate of their home or business. No one worried that they were hanging mercury on the wall, or dreamed of a day when temperature could be controlled while sitting on the couch or even away from home. Of course, there were no...

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  • Oven Maintenance, Repairs, and Service

    Published December 10, 2012 Oven Repairs and Maintenance

    Enjoy a Successful Holiday Baking Season with Quick Fixes to Common Oven Problems.

    The holidays are upon us, and with so much extra cooking and baking going on, it’s easy to see that our ovens and ranges are working overtime! Unfortunately, all the extra use could provide more opportunities for problems to creep up with little time to find a solution. Be prepared with these tips on...

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  • Air Conditioner Replacement

    Published December 06, 2012 Air Conditioner Replacement

    When Is It Time to Replace Your A/C Unit?

    Your air conditioner has broken down yet again, leaving you sweating in the heat of the summer! Eventually, you will be faced with the tough decision of whether to replace the unit or keep making repairs. A new A/C can cost between $2,000 and $9,000 depending on the size required and your location. Sure, the repairs will save you money right...

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  • Ice Machine Maintenance

    Published December 03, 2012 Ice Maker Machines

    The Importance of Properly Maintaining your Ice Maker

    Here in South Florida, our air conditioners and our ice makers are our best friends. They keep us cool and hydrated, and very happy on a hot day! In this blog, we will be focusing on the importance of preventative maintenance of your ice maker machine, keeping it running properly for many cool years to come!

    There are a...

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  • Mold and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

    Published November 29, 2012 Mold and Indoor Air Quality

    The Importance of Controlling Mold with Indoor Air Quality Services

    Molds and mildew are fungi that serve as the earth’s natural recycling service, feeding on dead or decaying organic matter. Molds, while essential to the cleanup of the planet, can pose serious health risks, especially here in South Florida, where warm temperatures provide a comfortable home in which mold can thrive....

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  • Save Money with Energy-Saving Appliance Upgrades

    Published November 16, 2012 Energy Saving Appliances

    Are your home appliances costing more and more to run while providing dwindling results? This is a sign that it may be time to upgrade your equipment to newer, energy efficient models. Energy efficient appliances are better choices for the environment, and with recent advances in technology, they offer increased comfort and performance compared to that of their predecessors. Many older...

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