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Air Conditioner Checkup, Tune-up & Maintenance

Your air conditioner can go without warning. Suddenly stop working after years of faithful service. Sometimes it is simple maintenance that causes the breakdown of key components. Whether you are having a new air conditioning unit installed or having an older system repaired, AAA Able can help you avoid additional problems in the future.

Regular air conditioning checkups can catch small issues before they become big ones.

A/C Filters are one of the most common items neglected in your air conditioning system. When a filter becomes clogged with dust and waste particles, it reduces air flow, wastes energy, and forces your system to work harder to get the same temperature control results. A straining system costs you money every minute it runs and will eventually cause the equipment to burn out.

A/C Condenser Coils (indoors and outdoors) must be kept clean of debris to protect the a/c compressor – the most expensive part to replace on any air conditioning unit should it have to be replaced.

Drainage Lines for a/c systems often clog and cause a backup in the unit. Not only can this damage your equipment, it is one of the most common causes of indoor floods in South Florida. We check and clean the lines and drainage pan to ensure you aren’t dealing with a water remediation problem as well as a busted air conditioner.

Lubrication of all moving parts keeps every piece working smoothly and gives us the chance to check every component – such as the compressor, blower, belts, and refrigerant levels – of your system.

A/C Duct Repair, Replacement, and Cleaning help the rest of your system maintain peak performance without loss of efficiency. Indoor air quality is a primary concern in the Florida humidity where ductwork can get damp and moldy.

A/C Thermostats break all the time and it turns out there is nothing truly wrong with your air conditioning unit.

Why AAA Able?

AAA Able has 30 years experience serving Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties. The expertise and professionalism of our technicians and office staff are top notch. We are the right choice for all you’re air conditioning needs. Fast, expert, and friendly service helpig you plan ahead so you won’t have to deal with a repeat a/c failure.

We offer our customers exceptional same day service all day, every day and if you fill out your information on our website, you’ll receive a 10% online a/c repair discount! Substantial savings on your residential or commercial a/c maintenance

Price Match & Personal Guarantee

If you have a lower estimate, please tell us! We will match it! We want you to get the best service, best customer care, and the best price. If you aren’t satisfied after your a/c service, we will make it right.

Whatever your problem, 30 years in the business means we’ve seen it…and fixed it…before. The Better Business Bureau and more than 150,000 customers can attest: AAA Able does the job right, fast, and won’t break the bank.

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