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  • Is a Smart Thermostat Right for Me?

    Published June 01, 2016 Smart Thermostat

    Energy bills are often a sore point for many homeowners—especially during summer! And because cooling and heating costs seem to rise every year, many home owners are switching to “smart home technology” to make their homes more efficient and lower their energy bills. One of the most important—and easy to install—smart home devices is the smart thermostat, which has the potential of saving...

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  • Common Problems with the Cube

    Published May 29, 2014 Commercial Ice Machines

    Trouble-Shooting Your Commercial Ice-Machine

    Ice is no trivial matter. Between the many great restaurants in South Florida, one comes to mind as being favored above all others because of its exquisite crushed ice-filled fountain drinks. There’s just something about the sensation of cold soda being secreted from a slushy bed of ice that makes the place stand out.

    So what happens...

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  • Excuse Me Miss, Is Your Refrigerant Running?

    Published May 08, 2014 Low A/C Refrigerant

    Understanding the Harm of Low Refrigerant in Your A/C System.

    The life force of your air conditioner is its compressor, which gets cooled down and lubricated by refrigerant. When refrigerant levels are low, the unit could end up overheating and prematurely failing your compressor, causing the need to replace the compressor or even the entire condensing unit. A very inconvenient and...

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  • Getting Smart with Your Window Unit

    Published April 14, 2014 Window Air Conditioning Unit

    Using Internet Technology is No Longer Limited to Central Air

    When it comes to customizing home climate through internet technology, we usually think of central air conditioning. While customers are getting used to smart thermostats made by companies like Nest and Honeywell, along with other ways of modernizing their HVAC systems, simple window units have mostly been excluded from the...

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  • Energized Over Energy Savings

    Published March 18, 2014 Energy saving tips from the pros

    Visiting the Energy Saving Pros at the Annual Water Matters Day

    Broward County held its 12th Annual Water Matters Day event at Tree Tops Park in Davie. Water, of course, is one of South Florida’s most precious natural resource, with the Atlantic coastal ecosystems to the east and the Everglades to the west.

    The event was set up county fair style. Booths straddled a long...

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  • Cold Comfort With a New Air Conditioner

    Published March 04, 2014 replacing your air conditioner

    Replacing Your A/C Unit: How Long is This Going to Take?

    As a rule of thumb, air conditioners only break down at the most inconvenient times possible. A compressor blows causing the unit to overheat. A fan blade bends, which leads to a system failure. Or the air conditioner has just simply aged out. Whatever the reason, when replacement looks to be the best option, the initial...

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  • Building’s Got the Bug

    Published February 18, 2014

    When Sick Building Syndrome Happens at the Workplace

    The Environmental Protection Agency has been able to boast of improvements in outdoor air quality for some time now. Reductions in lead, carbon monoxide and other pollutants mean the best for breathing clean, fresh outdoor air. Great news all around. The one snag, of course, is that we spend 90 percent of our time indoors and with...

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  • The Latest In Climate Control Technology For Your Home

    Published January 23, 2014 Climate Control Thermostat

    There was a time, in the not so distant past, in which the luxury of regulating the temperature of one’s home was reserved for well-to-do families in urban areas. But the days of suffering through humid summers and frigid winters with only ceiling fans and wood burning fireplaces have long since ended. In these increasingly modernized times, companies have been developing new technologies to...

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  • Keep your AC running through the holidays

    Published December 27, 2013 Keep your AC running through the holidays

    Help cut down on the Stress of holiday hosting by making sure your AC system is ready

    The holidays often mean higher traffic in your home, more cooking and an abundance of household activities. Add to this a seasonal drop in temperature, with warm days and this could spell trouble for your air conditioner.

    Try out these tips this holiday season and make sure that your home offers...

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  • Cutting Costs on Commercial HVAC Systems

    Published December 02, 2013 Cutting Costs on Commercial HVAC Systems

    How Budget Managers and Facility Executives can take Savings Seriously

    Maintaining a building’s HVAC system should not be done off of the principle “When it’s broke we’ll fix it.” It’s the most costly way to operate and yet in spite of the case studies proving this, almost all facilities still maintain their systems in this reactive manner.

    In typical commercial buildings, HVAC...

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