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  • Winter Break for Your Air Conditioner

    Published November 19, 2013 Maintenance for your A/C in winter months

    Why A/C Downtime is the Best Time for Maintenance

    During the dog days of a South Florida summer, having to address your A/C system far too often means reacting to emergencies and repairing damages. Take advantage of the seasonal lull with cost-saving preventive steps.

    What’s Cool About Winter

    Your air conditioner can undergo much strain in the summer months. It’s not...

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  • Clean the Cleaner - Washing Machine Tips

    Published November 04, 2013 Washing Machine Cleaning Tips

    Keep Your Washing Machine Fresh

    It’s easy to forget that washing machines can become bacteria silos. Fabric softener and laundry detergent leave residues that attract mold and mildew, which will go unnoticed until you detect a strong or stinky smell coming from the loader.

    Try these tips to make sure you’re keeping your washing machine fresh and mildew free.

    • ...
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  • Picking the Perfect Range

    Published August 27, 2013 New Kitchen Range Appliance

    How to select the right stove or cooktop for your kitchen.

    New home buyers, remodelers, appliance upgraders. Whatever situation you find yourself in, you want that new stove up and running so can you can wave goodbye to microwavable pizzas and get cooking!

    First, get an idea of the space that will be used. Take measurements and compare them with the dimensions of the oven...

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  • Saving Energy On Your Walk-in Freezer

    Published August 13, 2013 Walk-in Freezer

    Lose extra costs in cooling perishables and gain a business edge

    A walk-in cooler or freezer is the heart of every restaurant, cafeteria and convenience store. They also happen to create high energy costs. In a region like South Florida, refrigeration accounts for more than 50% of the electricity bill for a large grocery store and almost 30% for a small store.

    Walk-ins can be...

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  • A Brief History of Keeping Cool

    Published July 29, 2013 History of Air Conditioner

    As Millions of Americans Endure a Heat Wave, We Pay Homage to the Air Conditioner.

    Americans across the country are languishing under a shroud of heat and humidity, with the worst of it hitting the Midwest and East Coast. No, the actual temperatures are nothing to raise the pulses of sun-hardened South Floridians, but we know what they’re going through. And we share their...

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  • Duct Work Cleaning: What You Should Know

    Published July 15, 2013 A/C Duct Cleaner

    Is it worth paying the cost to have A/C ducts cleaned?

    There is a bit of a controversy on its merits.

    Wavering opinions on the value of air duct cleaning go all the way back to a 1997 study done by the Environmental Protection Agency. The report indicates the lack of evidence that duct cleaning improves air quality. Even...

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  • An Unfiltered Look at A/C Filters:

    Published June 18, 2013 A/C Filter

    Which are the Best Air Conditioning Filters? Does Cost Really Equal Quality?

    Air Conditioning filters: Which one should I buy? This is the most commonly asked question among air conditioning specialists, and for good reason. Proper airflow is so crucial to a functioning system that the very first thing an expert...

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  • Summer’s Here! Checklist of Don’t Do’s

    Published May 31, 2013 Florida Energy Meter

    Making Sure You Keep Your Cool and Your Money

    As we put into practice the many positive steps a household can take to save energy and cut down on costs without sacrificing comfort, there’s also a shadow side of frequent mistakes and bad habits that need to be sidestepped.

    Say what you will about the affairs of our state capital, but Tallahassee’s energy auditors have visited over...

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  • 5 Tips To Save Money On Your Summer Electric Bill

    Published April 10, 2013 Energy Saving Tips

    Little things you do around the house can go a long way.

    The summer temperatures are creeping up on us, and soon customers may notice an increase in their monthly electric bill. According to the U.S Energy Information Administration, Florida is second to Texas in retail electrical utility sales during the summer. But living without air-conditioning is not an option in the sunshine...

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  • Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

    Published March 25, 2013 Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

    Spring Cleaning: A/C Maintenance

    Springtime is here and now is the time to ensure your air conditioning system is ready for the hot summer months ahead. The Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) released a reminder on March 13th to all homeowners that this is the ideal time to prepare cooling equipment before the heat is on. Stephen Yurek, President and CEO of...

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