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A/C Duct Cleaner

Is it worth paying the cost to have A/C ducts cleaned?

There is a bit of a controversy on its merits.

Wavering opinions on the value of air duct cleaning go all the way back to a 1997 study done by the Environmental Protection Agency. The report indicates the lack of evidence that duct cleaning improves air quality. Even though the study is sixteen years old, a senior scientist in the EPA Indoor Environments Division says the science hasn’t changed on this and the agency still stands by its recommendations.

This, however, doesn’t mean that the EPA believes there’s no value in cleaning ducts. In fact, the only real disagreement between the government agency and the National Air Ducts Cleaning Association – a trade organization which represents over a thousand cleaning companies in the US – is how often ducts should be cleaned. While the EPA recommends that air ducts should only be cleaned as needed, as in such instances of mold or debris cluttering the system, NADCA argues that cleaning depends on a host of factors: indoor smoking, pets, weather conditions, overall home cleanliness, allergies and if there’s been recent renovations. The trade group also generally recommends a cleaning every three to five years.

Common signs that an Air Duct Cleaning is due

If you want to look around the house and get a first-glance idea on if you should be considering an air duct cleaning, check for the right symptoms.

  • Your supply and return vent covers are coated with dirt.
  • There’s excessive dust in your home.
  • There’s visible water damage that occurred in the duct work, which could cause sediment buildup in the system.
  • Variance in airflow and temperature around the house.
  • There’s an uptick in the energy needed to run you’re A/C system at your preferred settings, and thus, an increase in utility bills. This could mean that dirt and debris are blocking the coils and ductwork.
  • There are dirt lines along the walls, carpet and ceilings located near the vents.

The Best Air Duct Cleaners Clean More than Ducts

There are disreputable contractors out there who will offer their services without first checking to see if a cleaning is needed, and then perform incomplete work when they do the cleaning. It’s important to find a trustworthy, certified A/C service contractor who can show you the inside images of your ducts, discuss options, and go over other issues that may be effecting indoor air quality, such as how often the filters are being changed, systems maintenance and whether or not ways in which moisture can effect the home are being addressed.

If it’s felt that an air duct cleaning is in order, make sure the cleaning service doesn’t stop with ducts but will go the extra mile to remove the evaporative coil and is skilled in dismantling and cleaning the air blower.

AAA Able Air Conditioning and Appliance Inc. has been installing and servicing South Florida air conditioners for over thirty years. Our expert cleaning staff not only cleans duct work but applies fiber lock sealant with microbial inhibitor on all supply and return plenums. This keeps your system running clean for longer than the recommended amount of time between duct cleanings. We use biodegradable cleaners and perform contact vacuuming and brushing on all parts, everything from vents to the air handler housing; we leave no part of your system un-cleaned. We’ve been a trusted a name in the community and have seen it all. Contact us today for a free consultation on any of your A/C or appliance needs. We offer same day service everyday, all day.

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