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The Importance of Routine Maintenance on Your Heat Pump

Most South Florida homes and businesses use air conditioners for cooling due to the average high temperatures, but some choose to install a heat pump in certain situations. Heat pumps are excellent choices for moderate climates. They can both heat and cool your home, not by burning fuel, but by transferring heat from one location to another. Sometimes referred to as hybrid heat dual fuel split systems, heat pump usage results in considerable savings when heating is used, and comfortable cooling in temperate climates.

The high temperatures in South Florida generally make the efficiency of a straight cool system with electric heat strips a better choice than a heat pump. Every home and business has a unique setup, however, and for those that are able to take advantage of the versatility of a heat pump, regular maintenance is necessary to prolong the life of your investment. At least once annually, you should schedule a tune-up on your heat pump. Contact your local Heating, Ventilation and Cooling (HVAC) professional to perform preventative maintenance on your unit. Built-up dirt and debris around your heat pump can lead to the unit overheating or even failing when you need it most.

Preventative Maintenance on your Heat Pump includes:

  • The outdoor condenser unit will be cleaned to maximize efficiency. An excess of built-up dirt and leaves can cause your heat pump to labor to work properly.
  • Inspect electrical components for corrosion, functionality, and safety. Terminal wires will be tightened and corrosion will be removed.
  • Check refrigerant levels and pressure, and inspect for leaks.
  • Cleaning the indoor air handler and evaporator coil. A dirty heat pump evaporator coil can lead to a loss of efficiency.
  • Perform a belt and blower motor inspection. The belt will be adjusted, if necessary, and the motor and pulley bearings will be lubricated.
  • Check thermostat for proper function.
  • Measure air flow from air ducts and examine for leaks. Leaks from air ducts result in reduced indoor air quality (IAQ) and a loss of efficiency in your system.

Keep your heat pump working efficiently all year long with routine maintenance.

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