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Maintenance for your A/C in winter months

Why A/C Downtime is the Best Time for Maintenance

During the dog days of a South Florida summer, having to address your A/C system far too often means reacting to emergencies and repairing damages. Take advantage of the seasonal lull with cost-saving preventive steps.

What’s Cool About Winter

Your air conditioner can undergo much strain in the summer months. It’s not uncommon for people to run their units all day long, everyday, at a setting that produces a lot of wear and tear.

Because you’re running it less in the winter months, it’s the perfect time to take stock of your A/C’s performance, giving you the flexibility to address any issues long before the summer heat. No frantic phone calls about electric control failures in the middle of sweltering August.

Make sure you contact a A/C certified specialist to help you go over your system and take advantage of the late fall savings for an A/C tune up.

Winter is dryer than the summer months, so humidity no longer aggravates the problems associated with central air units and duct work. This could lead to savings and easier repairs. Also, it’s less likely rain will interfere with work on any exterior components.

Winter A/C Maintenance Checklist

Some things to look for or have a certified A/C repair specialist handle are:

  • Running a test for leaks
  • Checking the thermostat
  • Making sure filters are clean
  • Checking the Freon
  • Cleaning the condensate pan
  • Checking the drain lines
  • Lubricating all bearings

Other Timely Tips

It’s rare that we run our heating in South Florida. Though some of us like to pretend it’s more rare than it really is. It does in deed get chilly in the dry January evenings. And there’s no shame in a little synthesized warmth.

  • If you turn your heat on and notice an odor coming from the vents, often it is just dust and will dissipate shortly.
  • Late fall and early winter is also a good time to schedule a tune-up if you warm your home with a heat pump. See how you can handle DYI maintenance to keep your heat pump running smoothly this winter.
  • Run the ceiling fan instead of the A/C if it does begin to warm up outside. Remember that most ceiling fans have a clockwise setting and a counterclockwise setting. The counterclockwise setting is usually meant for summer, meaning that the air blows directly below the fan, creating a breeze effect. The clockwise setting is typically the winter setting and draws the air up towards the ceiling where it circulates down the walls, mixing warm and cool air and keeping a stable temperature.
  • Enjoy the Breeze! Open the windows at night and soak in some fresh air. Winter is a great time to change the air in your home.

AAA Able Air Conditioning and Appliance Inc. has long been dedicated to making sure South Florida residents get the most out of the A/C off-season with preparations for spring and summer. We are offering fall discounts to seniors as well as other specials for repair and maintenance services until the end of November. For over 30 years our family owned and operated business has given unsurpassed service in all air conditioner and appliance matters. We provide same day service, all day, everyday. Contact AAA Able today for a free evaluation.

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